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Monitor Storm Topology

I have created one monitoring plugin for Storm topology checks. this plugin will give you the following things: ¬† If error found in spout or bolt then it will stout the error on screen ¬† if topology not emitted from last 3 hours then it will stdout the warning on sceen     You can […]

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Create Your Development environment with Vagrant + Packer| Part-3

vagrant In this part we will see how to create your own box or Image in automated way. We will be using Packer tool for creating box About Packer Packer is free and open-source software for creating identical machine images or containers for multiple platforms from a single source configuration You can download Packer from this […]

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Create Your Development environment with Vagrant | Part-2

vagrant In Previous part we’ve learned about vagrant basics, and how to spin-up your first VM using online vagrant box . Now we will see how to create your own vagrant box from scratch. First Create your VM in virtual box, we are going to create box for CentOS6. Once your Installed your OS(i.e. CentOS), proceed […]

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Create Your Development environment with Vagrant | Part-1

vagrant What is Vagrant ? Vagrant is tool that creates and configures virtual development environments.[3] It can be seen as a higher-level wrapper around virtualization software such as VirtualBox, VMware, KVM and Linux Containers (LXC), and around configuration management software such as Ansible, Chef, Salt, and Puppet. Why Vagrant ? Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, […]

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AWS EC2 Instance stop/start script

bash-icon If you have UAT, Staging Infra setup on AWS and you want to easily stop/start them if anyone want to use from your team to save the cost then this guide will help you to achieve the same. We have Staging and UAT infra on AWS, always Dev team or ops team need help to […]

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Shell Script to Detect and Shut Down Unused Amazon EC2 Instances – Linux

f12c66c9e3336945b4dee1d3b45e7f42 Issue We were using CloudWatch Alarm for monitoring EC2 Instance based on CPU utilization but the server were having issue like if Java Process take no load then it will shutdown the Instances automatically. We observe that server has free Memory more than 85%, so decided to use to triggered shutdown based on Memory unfortunately […]

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Automate add/remove hosts in Nagios

nagios If you have multiple servers which frequently added and removed in monitoring system, how you will manage this ? We had similar issue where I work and i will present my idea on the topic. Motivation Me & my team is working with Hugh cluster setup, day by day there are multiple nodes added and […]

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Setup servers using Ansible

ansible_logo_black_square First we installed OS, then do OS hardening and package installation etc., this is tradition way of doing, now let’s see how to do it by simplest way using Ansible. What is Ansible ? Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or […]

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Install and Configure fluentd-agent ( td-agent )

fluentd As we see installation and configuration of Centralize Logging server is pretty simple, now let’s see how to configure client. Installation Note: we are doing this setup on Ubuntu 14.04 Client, if you are using different then please refer this page. Install require plugins Let’s configure the td-agent. We are just sending syslog and nginx […]

Centralize Logging with Fluentd + Elasticsearch + Kibana

fluentd   Overview¬† Recently we have deployed ELK Setup in my current company, it’s Very nice project, our all requirement were meet using fluentd, like Routing logs based on tags, email alert, custom field add, with Nice Webui. This document for Setup Centralize log server using Fluentd + Elasticsearch + Kibana. simply fluentd agent ( td-agent […]

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